We watch ton of movies. First of movies started on our flight to US – ‘Monsoon Wedding’ could take the credit to be the first movie watched together. It was followed by another movie – but I slept half way through – the trend that continued across many movies we watched at home on our laptop.

“Silver Lining Playbook” takes the official title to be our first movie date. I thought it was a fun romantic movie, but the romance, if any, is so unsaid and strange.. It is a story two crazy/extreme people deciding to live together because they probably can’t live with normal people and thus they are made for each other πŸ˜‰

Our movie tastes, like many of our other preferences, are completely opposite to each other. Wifey likes animated/Disney movies..and it is one of two genre I usually don’t watch or hang on to (the other being horror). I know there are some great animation movies and I have watched the popular ones, but otherwise they are not my first choice.