Day 5 – Sketches

The assignment was to have a sketch of myself drawn by me and one by my friend. First time ever sketching, I still used an old photograph as reference. I look so angry ! I wanted to use the newly bought crayons and used them. This is the assignment I submitted.11-2013-11-10 15.37.24

This was an earlier attempt .. haha. 14-2013-11-10 11.41.46

And according to the assignment, my friend (wife !) drew this of me 🙂  Actually our assignments are little bit cheating. Design is about people and the class requires us to approach new people or to ask a friend..we conveniently drew each other.

01-2013-11-10 15.39.41


And finally, for wife’s assignment, here is what I drew (I referenced a caricature drawn by an artist).. I liked to color and am fairly happy with my work.

10-2013-11-10 15.38.12

I am not adding another attempt that went too bad. Oh boy, it is so hard to make people laugh/smile in a sketch !





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