Breaking Bad

Many couples have a ‘couple song’ or a ‘couple movie’ – or atleast that’s what I have heard in stories and movies. Well, we didn’t have one which we could recognize as a ‘couple movie’.

However, as unromantic as it could get, ‘Breaking Bad’ could be as close as it gets to be identified as our ‘couple TV series’. I had watched couple of seasons before wedding, but I had to stop during wedding preparation (and during creation of this site). I also knew I couldn’t anyways complete the series before wedding and I would anyways plan to watch the whole series, it would just not be right for wife to catch up from middle of the series.

So I rewatched the whole series (with wife) starting somewhere around March/April and spent hours watching this series. There were couple of seasons that were my first time too. Some nights on weekends we would binge watch. And thus we finished watching all episodes so far, in time to watch the grand finale series this year. I also set a target to buy a LED TV before the end of this series. In particular, after the move, I had to subscribe to cable to be able to watch Breaking Bad, and so I did , only for 2 months – just enough to cover this.

Sometimes I like devoting extra resources towards a particular fascination – not because it deserves, but I just like doing things in the pretext of something.

Reading innumerable articles, gossips, interviews, etc, we prepared for the grand finale to do justice to what’s being called one of the finest series ever on TV, but more importantly my first complete non-Indian TV series watching. I was never into TV earlier in my life, and I may have caught some episodes of some series here and there, but I don’t recall watching any in full. And I picked this.

I almost wanted to write up a review of this series, the moral conflicts and differences of opinions between me and my wife..but this series has already consumed too much time ! Time to rest it.

What are you thinking ?