Falling water

One of my BE friends called up and asked if I was available for a day to meet-up. I was thinking it would be his engagement in CA, which was a little too far to travel and, in a day ! But thankfully, he was visiting PA and I would only have to make a drive for couple of hours, I readily agreed.

We are always looking for places to visit (not that we have run out of, in this beautiful PA) but it was all the more good when Krishna himself picked a spot which was a famous tourist place – which was, although on my list a while ago, I had totally forgotten about it. There are only so many weekends..

It had started getting cold and we had kind of stopped going outdoors, but it wasn’t too bad on 29th Sept. We reached there little past noon,and soon after Krishna and his parents joined. We had a tour of the architectural wonder of a house created decades ago, literally above/on a waterfall. The water flows beneath the house.

It was good meeting Krishna’s parents too. After some photoshoot and quick bite, we returned home. Krishna and his parents made a brief visit on their way back.

And then it was a final episode of Breaking Bad. More about that later.


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