Food stall volunteering – Sept 14

Penn State football is a huge part of Penn State’s culture and people around. It provides great economy to the university and a passion for its students. Association for India’s Aid runs a concession food stall inside the stadium, a part of the collection goes towards the projects run by AID. We decided to volunteer for this effort (I had done this once before and wanted wifey to experience this).

Initially hesitant with new people, we managed to perform some tasks..and spend time in a valuable way. I sold ‘program’ magazines near the entrance gates. Later sold drinks and helped little bit. Wifey worked as a runner to the cashier.


This week was also spent mostly in TV shopping. I have been researching and reading about TV for almost a month now. After two store visits when I had almost bought one, I changed my mind towards a different model. Finally purchased one and set up a TV this week.

I also received ‘Super Iron Person Award’ for not missing any day of work due to health issues. Award was totally surprising to me because I took quite a few vacations, but this award didn’t count vacation.

And we celebrated 50th year anniversary at AccuWeather.

What are you thinking ?