Hershey Park Sept 7

Had obtained discount tickets from work for Hershey Park. Had waited this long during the summer, finally planned to go on this weekend. I realized the water rides have been closed and was little disappointed. Also realized Saturday is kind of bad day, due to the crowd and lines.

We reached around 10, and headed into the rides. After the ‘Cable Car’, we stood in the queue for close to an hour for ‘Comet’, which was an intensity level 4 ride. All through out the line, I was feeling terrible. I was thinking of so many ways to be excited or to be brave, but I just couldn’t do it. I thought it would all go away once I sat on the ride, but I hardly opened my eyes. I knew wifey was enjoying shouting and laughing during the ride, sitting next to me, that made me happy. But beyond that, glad it was less than a minute !

I decided not to go through that fear again while standing in a hour long queue, thinking I will make that decision as I near the end of the line. It almost never happened. We stood in hour long queues for “Great Bear”, “Fahrenheit”, “Skyrush” et al, but I let wifey enjoy the rides, while I was relieved.

We walked around the ‘zoo’ and saw some animals. It was too crowded and not that great.

Finally towards the end of the day, I participated in another water ride (there were few water rides), “Coal Cracker” (names of the rides are pretty meaningless). We went on a ride that took us to the top to see the night view, reminded me of a similar one in Singpore that we had gone on. We did some electric car dashing, antique car driving etc before heading to Chocolate World.

Chocolate world was fun where we saw how chocolate is made, and bought few chocolates.

Good fun @ ‘Sweetest Place on Earth’

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