Mt Nittany Wine Tasting, Superman, Supermoon – June 22

I am told there are lot of wineries around this place, but I had visited none. Time to change that. I looked up and there seemed to be some ‘cheese tasting’ month going on at Mt Nittany – who gives up free !

We drove up to Mt Nittany and picked wine from several categories. After liking wines that weren’t too sweet or too dry, we purchased couple of bottles of the same. We tasted couple of local cheese directly sold from farmers, and bought one of them. We then headed out to enjoy the lake/pond and enjoyed with a bottle of wine, cheese, greenery and serenity.

To make the day and weekend even more awesome, we drove in the evening to Super Drive in 322 ( drive in theater) to watch World War Z and Man of Steel. Action movies that they were, I didn’t understand half of Man of Steel (never into Super heroes/comics) but World war Z was even more weirder. (PS: It is Maia’s birthday weekend and exactly one year ago I was right here at drive in theater with Matt, Sean and Romaine to watch Avengers and Brave).

And oh it was a supermoon night as well – when apparently moon was nearest to earth.

2013-06-23 00.51.29

2013-06-22 23.49.23

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