Fireworks, Strawberry picking, 42, Penns Cave, Bald Eagle State Park – July 4-7

July is going to be busy. And what a great start – I was thinking of planning to go out to a beach in New Jersey.. however couldn’t plan everything in time.

I didn’t want to miss fireworks at Penn State. Not sure how valid this claim is (could have been one show some year, and what is a benchmark anyways)

The 4thFest Fireworks has been rated one of the Top 3 Fireworks shows in the US!

, I still like fireworks in State College. Just wanted to beat the crowd everywhere else, and stay back at home. Oh the impending rain forecast added to laziness.

So I stayed back at State College. 4th was spent watching lovely animation movie series of Toy Story ( wifey being very interested in animation movies, hadn’t watched this series..which helped. I had also watched only one of the 3). Apparently Toy Story ranks among top animation movies ever. Decided to have Pizza buffet for lunch ( I know Pizza is not ‘American’ but for me it has always remained so .. especially given ‘hotdog’ etc has meat).

Saturday 6th morning was off to a good start. We finally visited Way Farm (finally because I was planning since a month and every weekend was spent doing something different) to pick strawberries from the field itself. It is almost end of season, however once we went far inside, many berries could easily be found.

One can eat as many for free, and buys the rest that has been picked. It was a nice experience finding and eating delicious, fresh strawberries.

Saturday also marked first time visit for wifey to the phamous ‘Waffle Shop’. I had mentioned the place couple of times, time was just never right to make a visit. Oooh, I forgot to take a customary picture of my plate at Waffle shop.

Oh we also visited ‘DMV’, first of many visits to get wifey a state id. Nothing about the visit is interesting to remember..but just thought of adding it for completion’s sake. To compensate, I spent sometime window shopping and wifey – real shopping πŸ˜‰

We watched couple of TED videos (I am trying to make this a filler hobby) such as on Post Secrets, 3 As of Awesome ..then we headed to watch ’42’ movie.

What an awesome story, and a great movie. It was heart warming in every sense of word, and movie was just very inspirational. Of course, knowing that it is based on real story also adds to our enjoyment. It is just unfathomable today, the way colored people were treated those days – and I am sure few decades later, upcoming generations would be shocked to know how fellow human beings are treated in this era. The current generation has lot to be shameful for.


Sunday, in the middle of Wimbledon finals we left to Penns Cave..I should say I had ignored Wimbledon’s finals when I planned Penns Cave. As a plan change, decided to come back soon after the Penn’s Cave tour, avoiding/delaying Bald Eagle State Park as decided earlier.

Penn’s Cave was nice. I had seen this billboard poster several times in my last 4 years of stay in State College, but had never visited. I was waiting for right time and right company. Finally that day had come.

It was a cavern tour of 50 minutes – under cave, on boat. The temperature inside cavern is always 52 F through out the year it seems. The water beneath doesn’t freeze during winter. Guide explained history, other factual details along with coming up with various similarities for the structures ( Statue of liberty, eagle, leaning tower of pisa, elephant, niagara, etc.. thus saving lot of my travel and money πŸ˜‰ ). Some of those were funny.

After the cavern tour, returned home only to find that Wimbledon finals has completed with Andy Murray winning.. to become first Brit to win in 77 years. Thus we had lunch and headed back to Bald Eagle State Park despite severe thunderstorm warning.

Played for hours in ‘beach’. It started raining and water was warmer in beach as compared to cold rain. It was great fun.

This must have been one of the most busiest weekends, despite staying back home.

And here is to 5 months !July 7

What are you thinking ?