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I am a friendly, fun loving, simple and vivacious girl. I love to spend time with family. I am always ready to help and I believe I am kind hearted! I like to create a happy environment around and have been successful most of the time. I am always enthusiastic and active. Ha one more, optimistic ;D Hope it is not too many adjectives πŸ™‚

I am from Kanyady, a small village near Dharmasthala. I am from a joint family and belong to a large family, rooted in culture and values.

I completed my primary education in Kanyady and high school in Ujire. I studied Diploma in Electrical and Electronics in Nitte. Soon after graduating, I worked as Junior Executive for 2 years in production and planning departments in Suzlon Energy. I am now working in Govt run KPTCL (formerly KEB) as Junior Engineer in Kolar.

My hobbies are reading, watching TV and listening to music.

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What Ravikiran thinks of me:
She is a very simple and easy going girl. I believe she is just the optimistic, kind, caring and enthusiastic person I would enjoy spending my rest of life with. Sometimes I wonder if caring has missed a letter ‘s’ – ‘she scares me’ is likely it, probably because I feel there is a lot to know about her – which would make my next phase exciting, curious and hmm…an adventurous journey πŸ˜‰

A popular artist once said “Marriage should be a duet – when one sings, the other claps.” – I don’t know if she sings, or would like to sing – but I am willing to clap :)

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  2. Hey Ravi,
    Thrilled to hear the news! A pity I wont be there for the event, neverthless, our wishes will go with you a loong loong way. Wishing you two a rich and wholesome journey together.

    Love loads,
    Amritha and Sarith.

    P.S: This site is well done and your webpage is interesting.. Good going! πŸ™‚

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