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I really don’t know what to say about myself. Depending upon the situation, audience and my mood – I have often introduced myself in different ways. I feel like my relatives hardly know me other than that I am S/o Rajagopal and Lakshmi ! And I feel my friends and colleagues know too much about me, often making me wonder how much of that is true.

Anyways, I am the elder son of my parents. Born 3 decades ago, in Thirtahalli, I have had the fortune of living in different cities and visiting different places in India and abroad. Both my education and career have made me move around, and am currently living in a college town – State College, in Pennsylvania, US – fondly called Happy Valley. Working as Mobile Apps Product Manager at AccuWeather after graduating in MBA from Penn State. Prior to MBA, I worked in Schneider Electric, Visteon, Robert Bosch (and even Bigants and Digital for short durations) after graduating in BE from PESIT.

In the past I have written movie/play reviews, ran a half marathon once, was part of theater group and also learnt ball room dancing 😛 As you can see, I have different hobbies and interests on and off, but these days most often I find myself watching movies, reading books, attending artsy events and hanging out with friends. My site ravikiran.us has links to most of my online avatars.

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What Padmashree thinks of me:
Ravikiran is a guy with lots of hope and understanding nature. He is humble and caring. He is soft spoken but definitely an interesting person. I liked how he showed much concern about even small things which I felt were not important. He always made me feel comfortable. I am looking forward, or rather, eager, to start my life with him !

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