Memorial Day Weekend – May 25-26

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Learning from previous trips, we prepared better for our trip packing snacks d42ea49a and also it was our first time trip with a stay overnight.

The drive was awesome, but even better was the weather at a rest stop: image_1

Around evening we reached Allentown, checked into the hotel and shopped a gift for my friend at a really pretty Fresh market. Then we headed to Shany’s surprise graduation party – our attendance itself was also a huge surprise and I wish I could capture how Vany screamed on seeing me. It was great fun hanging out with few of my best pals from MBA (Sean, Vany, Kate) and introducing them to wifey and vice versa. With some snacks and chatter, we played ‘King to Tokyo’. I miss my board gaming times during MBA. Wifey won in this round of game ๐Ÿ˜‰ She also danced to a Wii dancing game, half the time being conscious of me and telling me she can’t dance.

Party dress

IMG_2031 (1)
Group pic

It was just a great time.

** Day 2**
After thinking a bit about our options and plan, previous night we thought of starting early. But we couldn’t, started around 9AM.

We reached Bushkill falls around 10AM and instead of planned shorter hike, we ended up going everywhere and covered a longer route. It was well worth it, the streams was great. The color guides were little bit confusing at times, and the crowd was getting busier. Luckily we were there during non-peak hours, as we exited we found insane lines to get into parking, at the ticket counter etc. We were so glad we went early.

Some pictures

We reached SVBF temple some time past 1PM. Had a good darshan, and a surprise free lunch. I was very happy to get puliyogre, curd rice, coffee as prasada.


Around 2:35 we left to Ricketts Glen State Park. On the way, wifey watched an episode of Breaking Bad, to which we are quite addicted these days. e5071fdf

(This was only for pic, we drive safe)

Our navigation Google aunty took us on a shorter route and gave directions even after the signal was lost..! It was already 5:15 PM. The park is huge, and we reached beach parking area. We weren’t as planned to this place as we were to Bushkill falls, and I didn’t know what to do..thankfully a gentleman, on asking directions, gave us map as well as suggested we could finish the hike seeing most waterfalls within an hour or so.

We started around 6PM after enjoying the ‘beach’. We missed the exact route suggested by our guide, and thus I was always concerned about finishing in time to get back. We also wondered how does the park ‘close at Sunset’ and what would happen to those who don’t get out by that time ! In any case, we wanted to get back before it got dark. Later that night it didn’t get dark until past 9PM, and that too with a full moon, however we hurried after half the hike which was around 7:25.

It was a great hike, watching and counting all the falls on the trail. I had high expectations from this park/trail and I must say I was very happy at the end..the beauty of the stream, frequent falls, moderately interesting hike (it was not just a walk in the park), weather – everything was great. After around half the hike, I felt only we were remaining behind. We saw 18 of the 21 water falls, and 3 were on a bigger trail.

A collage of all the falls plus Bushkill Falls

We finished trail around 8:25 and we were elated !

Sure enough, the parking lot was empty:

A signature pose:

On the way back, we stopped at Denny’s – one of my favorite late night restaurants and reached home past midnight. A great weekend.





More pictures are here:

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  1. “what would happen to those who donโ€™t get out by that time?” Dude, don’t you know those are the folks who get fed to the bears? haha You two are just too cute together!

  2. Haha, apparently wifey was afraid of exactly that – bears and she hiked back at a rapid pace while I was going breathless to catch up with her ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

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