Our Story So Far

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For the curious, ours is an ‘arranged marriage’, however as most ‘arranged’ ones these days are nothing but dates set up by parents. Our families are related, however we didn’t have much contact before this marriage proposal. As such, we haven’t seen or met each other before the proposal. We have been communicating for last couple of months, met couple of times and have decided to take the next step. Although couple of months are not enough to know a person, this is a luxury in these kind of set ups – mostly thanks to Ravikiran’s living abroad.

We met for first time in October after talking for months, and mid December we approved our parents to go further. This is where ‘arrangements’ really help, as the alignment of stars and various logistics suggested a date not too far away. We are getting married on 7th February and the reception is on 10th Feb. There will be a customary ‘engagement’ ceremony on 6th February.

Padmashree will be moving with Ravikiran to the United States to begin a new life in a new environment.

This is our story so far … Rest we will update in this site. Stay tuned !

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