Blue and White weekend : Apr 18-21

Blue and White weekend was a blast. It started with us watching Opera Atelier’s Magic Flute right here at State College. Really amazing that University brings such events to this small town at great affordable rates.

Opera always reminds me of that hilarious scene in Dil Chahta Hai, but other than the songs, this is very much like any other normal play and with Mozart’s music being played live ! Not sure if I followed everything in the play, but the subtitles definitely helped. Wifey enjoyed a lot and I asked her enough questions after the play to catch up.

Friday night was double bonanza – watching the dance performances of ‘Whip lash’ dance team and ‘Statesman’ accapella and several other performances. Each dance performance was amazing than the other, and just to see the happiness and ‘achievement’ feeling on dancers’ faces was amazing to look at.

This was followed by watching ‘Identity Thief’ – a hilarious new movie after a long time.

Saturday was almost off to a great start, walking up to the stadium, tailgate venues etc to meet my MBA buddies at the tailgate. The icy snow or snowy ice or whatever started and it got so cold that it almost changed my mind to just go back and crawl into the bed. We did make it to tailgate, and briefly to B&W game and then lunch with MBA buddies, who all got to meet my wifey for the first time.

Sunday morning was our usual weekend hike – despite cold, it was a good experience at Mt Nittany. Very short one though.

And to cap the weekend, we watched NCAA Men’s Gymnastics finals.

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