State College Events

Living here, there are some events I attend every year. This year, I am accompanied by my wifey.

Taste of India 6th April:
This is a fund raising event organized by Association for India’s Development. I have volunteered once or twice for this organization and I have always attended (4th year now) ‘Taste Of India’ – where Indian food cooked by volunteers is served. This time wifey volunteered in ‘Kalakshetra’ preparation as well as at the stall where Indian dress, jewelry and other articles are sold. Despite being from a trader’s family, it was wonderful to hear her stories of sales.

We hadn’t been to Indian restaurants so far, so it was first Indian eat out..and also, an occasion to dress something Indian.

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour – 13th April
I had been to this selection of award winning films last year and followed by Radical Reels edition. They are a great collection of short films of adventurous people. It is always inspiring to see and hear their stories, and award winning films are a great treat.

I liked all movies, but the Grand Canyon exploration (“Last of Great Unknown”) was my favorite. Crossing the ice (South Pole on foot) was quite similar to the harsh experience of climbing Mt Everest in Winter, which was one among last year’s movies. Wifey liked ‘Strength in Numbers’ – about biking including mountain biking, dirt jump etc.

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