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The most frequently asked follow up question after my invitation is about my India travel date. I will be reaching India on 3rd Feb. The next question is almost always that I should’ve planned to go earlier. I didn’t think about it, but recently I have been feeling the same.


But most arrangements are taken care of – personal and postal invitations have been completed, house re-painted, custom made jewellery has arrived, bridal shopping has almost completed, transport arrangements from Bangalore are taken care of, menu for wedding and reception being finalized, photographers are hired, purohits/priests hired … the list just goes on..I am sure I have missed many.

On 6th will be Vara pooje and travel to Dharmastala. On 6th there will be a formal engagement ceremony. After ceremony on 7th, we will return to Bangalore..and on 8th a small gathering at our home. And official marriage registration.

Also, more importantly, Padmashree has finally received her passport after what seemed like a deja-vu of follow ups and document submissions..Visa interview dates in Chennai are on 11th and 12th, which means our first travel will be to Chennai.. 😐


And if everything goes well, we will be flying back on Feb 24th.

Now, to deal with snow and my travel anxiety about flights and delays…

What are you thinking ?