Saree shopping


Saree and jewellery shopping is a huge part of south Indian weddings. Not only just the bride goes shopping, the entire family together with few relatives go shopping. And not only for the bride, the moms, sarees are bought for every close relative. Yesterday was one of those shopping events. Bride picked 5-6 sarees, all mostly worn during different phases of wedding ceremony and some never after 😉

During my life in Chennai, I watched lot of movies in cinema halls. What I particularly noticed was that there were an excessive amount of advertisements of jewellery and saree shops. There were almost no movie trailers, and very few any other advertisements. Not sure if it was unique to Chennai, at least once I observed that, I couldn’t get it off my mind..and the more I looked, the more I saw.

On one hand I am missing out on several such preparatory celebrations…not quite giving me the feel of the festivities, but on the other hand, relieved not to be part of what is usually a long duration activity in a crowded saree market. And oh, on a high note, Padmashree said she is a quick shopper, usually liking the first one she sees.

What are you thinking ?