Remote Work Resources

Sachin Rekhi’s tips for working remotely based on Remote : Office not required book

11 Best Practices (actually more than 11, but 11 sections) by UseFyi

That book (Remote:Office not required) is by Basecamp. Hence Basecamp Employee Handbook, How we communicate, Q & A Video

Remote Work Tips organized by different sections, by UseFyi

Mega Collection

Glitch Employee Handbook

Gitlab’s guide to all remote

Woven : Transitioning to remote work, a practical guide

How we work by BBFounders

Collaboration Guides (by @buritica)

Managing remote teams well – Know your team, video , Guide

    • Invest in writing asynchronously.
    • Give an abundance of trust + automate status updates in your remote team.
    • Prioritize a process for communication and collaboration. (Examples: Our “How We Work” doc [1], Basecamp’s How We Work [2], Buffer’s 10 Slack Agreements [3], GitLab’s Remote Communication Handbook [4], Automattic’s Communication Expectations [5]).
    • Get intentional about social connection in your remote team. (We use our Social Questions and Icebreaker.
    • Hold effective remote 1:1 meetings.

6 Communication Habits of Successful Remote Teams

How To Master The Art Of Remote Team Communications

Trello Blog has couple of links

Help Your Team Agree on How They’ll Collaborate

How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

The Indispensable Document for the Modern Manager

Thread on motivation

Virtual Coffee Breaks


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