I remembered an experiment, we were out through back in MBA, while talking to a friend this afternoon.


The podcast, an Internet technology that had its genesis at Harvard, roars back to prominence.

This is another article I keep visiting.

Yet, the Nevada Public Employees? Retirement System is out-earning pension funds that have hundreds on staff

Watched Sting recently. Great movie !


very disappointed with Apple’s naming conventions of late. XS ? Next it would be XI and XIS ? What is XR ? XS Max ?? What was wrong with plus. My previous disappointments include iPad, Homepod ..

Bill Gates reviews “Energy and Civilization: A History” by author Vaclav Smil.
— Read on www.gatesnotes.com/Books/Energy-and-Civilization

Saw on a t-shirt today

You can’t make everyone happy. You are not an avacado

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