I routinely compliment co-workers, usually by copying their manager. In fact I have a standing meeting once in a month, to reflect on the last month to see if I can send a thanks towards someone.

I read the title of this post and thought, it is obvious, that you let co-worker’s manager know the praise. It has some of the gems I didn’t consider, or think of like why one should ask first:

ask if it’s ok first

One thing that at least 6 different people brought up was the importance of asking first. It might not be obvious why this is important at first — you’re saying something positive! What’s the problem?

Giving someone a compliment that’s not in line with their current goals. For example, if your coworker is trying to focus on becoming a technical expert in their domain and you’re impressed with their project management skills, they might not want their project management highlighted (or vice versa!).

I often recall this clip, not in the same contexts. The clip is about Miriam questioning whether America is the largest philanthropist donor. She ends with a quote

“This uncertainty, it riles me”

which is what I think so many times in different contexts. Often many analysis incorporate bias, and lack of conclusive data. Many product decisions aren’t made with good data. Yet decision makers are so certain that it is very uncomfortable.

Doubts will serve much more than certainty.

Be doubtful. Be curious.

An inspiring memoir that teaches us to apply the lessons learned by those nearing their death to our own life. Bronnie Ware’s book shows us that it is possible, if you make conscious choices, to die with peace of mind.
— Read on bronnieware.com/regrets-of-the-dying/

Great podcast episode


Had never heard of his name, and came across about his story.

World 2.0 – “There are decades where nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen” – Marginal REVOLUTION
— Read on marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2020/04/world-2-0-there-are-decades-where-nothing-happens-and-weeks-where-decades-happen.html


https://pca.st/episode/2820b643-1ade-4efd-b8b6-89e43dd0f9aa great episode on why alternative approaches don’t work.

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