Indra Nooyi is a gem of a human being and she is an amazing woman to work for. I had the pleasure of serving as the U.S.-India Business Council president

The joy in shipping products that millions use is something different..

Adam Nash has been hired by Dropbox as VP of Product.

Clickbait link .. but interesting data in the article

The deal for an obscure $10 billion Pentagon contract suggests the extent to which Bezos is gobbling up the Swamp?without the guy in the White House even batting an eye.


Mr Smith Goes to Washington Had watched this two years ago in a park. Re watched it..a relevant movie since 1939.

Ticket to Ride – AI :

Ticket to ride is among my favorite games. This paper is so much fun. Wish I could be part of some paper like that.

Sucks that PDFs haven’t become responsive or mobile friendly. Google search results shames PDF.

The way we teach math in America hurts all students, but it may be hurting girls the most.
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Watching Pride and Prejudice – TV series. So well made. Very well adapted from novel,my wife tells me. I had started reading couple of times but never read the book.

Though the acting is very good, I can’t help thinking how the Downtown Abbey cast would have been.

How to Disagree
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