• Received industry award for marketing campaign for Alexa
  • Prudential’s Business Value Award for Innovation and Business Value creation using Technology
  • Led and launched the first consumer-facing mobile app for Prudential Retirement, while overseeing design, experience, and development.
    • Oversaw roadmap with a product development spend of more than $6M per year, achieved retention of $350M AUM, helped win sales of clients worth $10B.
    • Achieved an app download of 700K in 2 years, with more than 100K monthly active users
    • Increased customer satisfaction rating from 1.8 to 4.6
  • Created product strategy and roadmap for Mobile App and Voice to place Prudential at the forefront of technology
  • Led the industry-first retirement account access capability for Amazon’s Alexa helping achieve retention and growth
    • Received industry award and the Prudential award for Innovation and Business Value creation using Technology
  • Delivered strategy and roadmap guide to implementing web analytics on participant and sponsor/advisor websites
  • Founded internal usability/user testing practice in collaboration with Business Resource Groups
  • Managed the overhaul of the websites to comply with the law for Web Content’s Accessibility
  • Led responsive design of the investment allocation product to improve usability and accessibility
  • Managed many medium enhancements to participant website by ensuring the accessible, mobile-friendly UX

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