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Every time I go to Quest Lab, I find a few people, especially older people struggling to complete the self-check-in on iPads. They face issue in particular on a screen to enter the date of birth. Every time I help out a few people and get their thank yous and smiles.

Today I decided to take screenshots and video. See for yourself.

What do you think is wrong?

It appears there is no visual indication that a selection is made on the input once, a month or a date or a year is picked/input. The screen waits for a user to hit next (which seems to be consistent with rest of the steps but would have made more sense to auto-advance from field to field on this screen at least), but a more important problem is that selected month is not highlighted. Another way to improve this would have been to separate date and month and year to different screens, which of course is not optimal but would check the box of consistency. The best way is possibly including a calendar widget, so a user makes a selection of all date, month and year in a single element.

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