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Capturing some of the customer service (CS) experiences.

July 28:
Comcast Business – clicked on an ad to see their offer. Chat window provides two options – if you are not an existing customer, you get immediate live chat. If you are existing customer, you are redirected to Support Forum – no soup for you.

July 13:

Issue: The visa calculator available on the site throws up an error to select whether I prefer e-visa or not, and wouldn’t let me continue. The problem is , there is no evisa choice on the form. I even viewed source of the page, and nothing to be found.

I emailed the issue.

Rep: You can calculate visa fee using the calculator.

I clarified, in the nicest words, that I was indeed using the calculator, and then I found an error and thus mailed to them.

Rep: There is no visa calculator on our site.

I patiently once again explain the issue.

Rep: You can use the actual application form to find out the fees.



Issue: I send all documents required to convert an account to NRO. Branch takes the documents, says it would be done, but is never converted. Then probably lost the documents too.

I get emails to submit documents for re-verification (not related to the conversion).

After months I follow-up over email. There is radio silence. After multiple follow ups and waiting for 6 months, I file a complaint over CMS.

Within 2 days, the complaint is closed and the resolution is that the complaint was forwarded to the respective branch. The very branch that didn’t do anything for 6 months.



Issue: I had made cash withdrawal, and then made a payment. According to the law, credit card companies are supposed to apply any payment against the highest outstanding rate. However, Chase calculated interest on the cash withdrawal. It was not a big amount, but I wanted to make sure the calculation was right, and also be aware from next time I know what is going to happen.

I mailed explaining the error. Initial response was that there was no error.

I clarified again. The response was that my payment was applied towards statement amount, and the cash withdrawal had not appeared on statement yet.

However, cash withdrawal gets charged with interest from the day I made withdrawal, so at the time of my cash payment it is the highest outstanding credit rate. According to the law, Chase should have applied my payment towards outstanding rate, which was cash withdrawal. Lack of any alternate explanation, as acknowledged by the response if the payment was applied towards statement amount despite there being an outstanding cash withdrawal of a higher rate, it appears Chase violated the law.

After many back and forth, I gave up. The messages got deleted after few days.


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