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earthquake and jokes

April 16th 2012 in DontKnowWhomToAsk, General

People would never say “Oh how I wish I got hit by ceiling” or that “How I experienced the plane shook and turned upside down” or “Wish I was just taken away by the Tsunami/flood to experience it”. Or no one would make jokes about a volcano or a flood.

Then why is this fascination about earthquake ? Every time an earthquake happens, I would see on my timeline in Facebook or twitter, jokes about earthquake or regrets of ‘missing’ it. I am not saying this because I experienced one and it was horrific, but I don’t get this soft feeling towards a destructive-helpless event. Is it funny because imagining the earth shaking somehow reminds one of a ‘body shake’ when a funny bone is softly hit ? Or people just happy to not to have affected, and a joke is the best retaliation one can think of ? It should not be something wished for, no matter what “experience” it gives – it is not an adventure like sky diving.

Whatever is the reason, in my mind, it is a huge mismatch (between what people assume it to be and what it actually is), that I just sigh and tune myself out of the jokes.

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