A simplistic old styled home, in the middle of farms, in the middle of nowhere. There resides a family of four – parents and their two children. A home so simple that the music to which the girl dances is not streaming from modern music systems but song sung by her teacher who is sitting right there. Simple, but proud family. The pride of the parents as they watch their daughter dance exemplifies that.

Ananda mein …

But the son is quite different from the rest. He makes faces while the soft music is played for his sister’s Bharatnatyam practice. He breaks into different, non-traditional dance steps and teases. irritates his siter. But siblings love each other nevertheless, as most grown up siblings do, and have fun together.

Happiness is beautiful birds singing; No tears in our world

Fun. Parents, though older in age, don’t shy of the fun. That, right there shows their outlook towards life. To enjoy every moment. To live contently, in a simple home. Small family, happy family.

Daughter is kind of, closest to parents, as is usually the case – the one who feels more for her parents. Jovially, she ties her parents hands together with Mehendi and tickles them. That is the definition of fun for her. Father and son are little more naughtier, they tie the ladies’ hair to each other’s hairs and watch them try to separate.

No place for money when our little hearts are overflowing with the waterfall of love

Their life is so content and peaceful with the luxury of time on their side, father and daughter make paper boats and watch them float in the small stream of water. They wonder and appreciate the power of the freedom. When father runs short of paper to create more boats, he just uses Rs 100 currency note to create a boat. What is the need for money when they already have something that even money can’t buy – happiness.

Happiness in the sky, happiness on the earth

In a friendly contest of dancing without falling on the mud and water mix, the relatively young children fail in an effort to show off. That is when, old hat (around 80 years) tries to show them how it is done, in style. He dances without falling much to the amusement and appreciation of the onlookers and his children; but what is more fun is that his wife, not to be left behind or to just mimic him, dances too. Not shying of having fun, or giving her husband support and company, literally.

Bliss is sunrays in winter; every heartbeat in this world is full of joy

The family ploughs its own land and is self sufficient. Enjoys a fruit and vegetable meal while sitting in the middle of their farm, unconcerned that it is half flooded. The couple has grown old together in so much love that, there probably is no outer world for them. That display of affection, of course, didn’t need but is fueled by the beer mixed into the coconut water by their mischievous son.

No tears in our world ..

However, not everything is right between father and son – father expects the son to follow his lifestyle and use neem toothbrush and not toothpaste to brush his teeth. Father loves the daughter though – he could even carve a wooden doll for his bored daughter. But how long would a wooden toy be enough company for a grown up daughter ?

In the middle of the wedding, however daughter realizes that she can’t go away from her parents. She even puts cowdung on bridegroom’s car to make her point. She is content to going back to be in service of her parents – such as shaving her father and playing pranks with him.

There is pleasure in belonging, in relationships, in life long companionship.
There is pleasure even in experiencing family’s pain

Content and happy in everything, the family goes back to normal – which means dancing. In one of the most beautiful moments, father and son dance together by making eye contact while others watch on.


From HindiLyrics with correction:

pyaare panchhi baanhon mein gaati koyal raahon mein
lovely birds in my arms, the nightingale is singing on the road

dharati pe yahi to kushi hai apani duniya mein aansu bhi nahin hain
just this is the happiness on the face of earth, there are no tears in our world

pyaare panchhi baanhon mein gaati koyal raahon mein
dharati pe yahi to kushi hai apani duniya mein aansu bhi nahin hain

chhoti-chhoti kutiya mein svarg hai yahaan
in our little abode, there is heaven here

aur chhote-chhote dil mein bahata pyaar ka ye jharana
and, in this little heart flows the waterfall of love

panchhi jo udana chaahe to patta kaahe ka
if the bird wishes to fly what is the significance of the collar that is to stop him

ye pyaar hi kaafi hai, koi paisaa-vaisa kya karana
this love is enough, what do we do with money etc

pyaare panchhi baanhon mein gaati koyal raahon mein
dharati pe yahi to kushi hai apani duniya mein aansu bhi nahin hain

aasamaanon mein aanand mitti mein bhi hai aanand
there is happiness in the skies, there is happiness in the soil also

ye dharati chir ke ugane vaale ankur mein aanand
there is happiness in this offshoot that is growing having torn the land

dhuup ka sardi mein aanand nadi ka varsha mein aanand
the sunbeam appears pleasurable in the winter, the river gives pleasure in the rainy season

aur varsha mein badale bhuumi ke rangon mein aanand
and there is pleasure in the changed colors of land during rains

jivan ka ye aanand sau barason ka aanand sajani
this pleasure of life, this pleasure of a hundred years, oh dear

duniya mein har dil ki dhadakan mein aanand aanand
there is pleasure in the heartbeat of every heart in the world

pyaare panchhi baanhon mein gaati koyal raahon mein
dharati pe yahi to kushi hai apani duniya mein aansu bhi nahin hain

teri saanson mein rah ke dhalati umar ka aanand
the pleasure of aging being in your breaths

tum agale janam mein phir se milo to aur bhi aanand
if you meet me again in my next life, then it is all the more happiness

thandi raaton mein tere badan ki garmi ka aanand
the pleasure of the warmth of your body in the cold nights

aur jivan bhar jo tumane diya hai jine ka aanand
and the pleasure of living that you had given throughout the life

apanepan mein aanand rishton mein bhi aanand
there is pleasure in belongingness, there is pleasure in the relationships

chhalake auron ki kaatir jo aansu hain aanand
there is pleasure in the tears which come out for the sake of others

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For the last few days, this song is ringing in my ears – so much so that when I woke up at the middle of the night, I had to search and play this song. Didn’t plan to do a V-day post, but hey, this song epitomizes simplicity, love and happiness in a way that I can not explain.