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My interview/article in Business World

February 26th 2012 in MBA

After my first year MBA, I had answered a questionnaire from Rashmi Bansal as a current student of a B school. It got published in Business World Bschool guide 2010.

Couple of comments:
I should have inquired about the purpose of the questionnaire or the target audience. I assumed it was to aide a research or for some other purpose. If I’d realized that the target audience was prospective MBA students, I would have answered quite differently to help ‘them’ make better decisions.

This was completely my personal account – for eg, when I said only other worthwhile option was a Swiss school – it was the only other admit I had. The answers would not have focused so much on finances – which were my main concern – and would rather have highlighted many other benefits this university provides.

Also, if I realized the questionnaire would be used as an article, I could have framed the sentences better. I did not even proof read for mistakes – for eg $1k stipend is per month, housing is $300-$450 not $450K haha.

So, as usual feeling about my old blogposts, I am embarrassed of the article and know that I could have done lot better. I am posting it here only to maintain a record. Anyways, hopefully it helped the prospective students.

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“My interview/article in Business World”
Sunil Thonse

Nice article… Well you would have given some heart attack with that housing $450K :-)


Thonse ! You lurker !


Check you out big timer! I will look for you in Business Week next!

I am glad you chose Smeal even if it’s mostly the tuition perks that nudged you to *smile*.


Business Week ! I have the cover page picture ready for that ;-)

Yeah, Smeal was mostly driven by tuition perks, but also a chance to visit Warren Buffett and to visit Prague. Oh well.

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