I have been doing an year end review, goal setting, ever since I started this blog I guess( 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005. 2011 definitely deserves one.

Year started in India. For couple of years, I decided to go to a different place for the new year – did that with Chennai, Goa, Mangalore and of course 2010 was spent in US. Due to various constraints, 2011 was spent uneventfully at Bangalore – no celebration and such. For some reason, I was comfortable and content with that.

Major events in the beginning of the year included attending Obama’s Penn State visit, managing the case competition, handing over the Supply Chain and Marketing association to next batch. Superbowl party, Chinese new year celebration, THON were other memorable events before I took off to Singapore.

Singapore and Malaysia were great fun – got to meet few old friends, enjoyed the amazing city each day filled with excitement and wonder. Zoo, butterfly park, birds, botanical garden, beach, river, buildings, casinos, theme park – this city has it all !

On my return to State College, couple of birthday celebrations happened. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

India’s world cup victory is one of the highlights for many Indians of my generation. Having grown up watching cricket,and anticipating India’s good performance every world cup since 92 – but being let down, finally, India managed to lift the cup. If there was only one chance to be in India, most Indians would pick this moment. Though lately, not an avid follower that I was in earlier years, I still got the goosebumps and lumpen throats as I watched the victory over Pakistan, England and Australia. No script could have been written to better this series, the countries India played, and the victories. Watching with friends, chatting with brother and cousin made it just perfect.

Taste of India, couple of parties (including a baby shower !), kept the MBA spirit alive despite the disappointing job search. School’s consulting project, and Hershey factory visit (where they loaded us with chocolates !) were the final highlights of the school.

Parents’ visit to US, pre-commencement ceremony, graduation ceremony were major highlights of the year. Entire US east coast was conquered in the shortest time possible, the places included – NYC, Philly, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Boston, Corning museum, Hershey.

Agonizing job search continued for few more months. Finally at the end of August, got employed with AccuWeather, thus getting to continue to live at dear State College.

Bought a car, and continued with parties ! Attended a talk by oceanographer, watched Chinese acrobats, (mental) magic show, judged a case competition, went to a pumpkin festival, watched homecoming parade, Halloween parade, thanksgiving parade at NYC, dressed up as a hacker for Halloween, ran Thon 5k, went shooting, attended various parties and tailgates – life continued just as it was in MBA ! Visit to San Francisco for a BlackBerry conference and visit to Boston were icing on the cake.

Oh, when the year 2010 ended, I looked forward to Singapore, Graduation and Job. The first two happened easily as planned. The last one took its toll – even to this day, sometimes I wonder if my having job is real.

2011 has ended, I am not even sure what I am looking forward to in 2012. Having 0 expectations means guaranteed success ! So, if the world does not end in 2012, I am surely going to have fun !

I have tried to capture the memorable moments of 2011 in a picture set. They say picture is worth thousand words, in addition the description of each one of these can easily make up some hundred words. (I wish I blogged as they happened !)

PS: The video took a lot of effort, huge one being selecting fewer pics in my mountain of pictures taken. It was a humongous task to find all pics (some on hard disk, some tagged on facebook, some on email), and then pick roughly 100. Some people or event may not find its presence despite my doing best. And creating video in Picasa was another pain, and despite that, youtube has done enough to reduce the quality which made me add the photo slideshow (but captions you can only find on the video). Selecting music was the best part of the video creation.

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  1. Pretty cool!! Now you need to get onto setting the goals for 2012. Even if the world ends, you were working toward something.. Maybe beating me at racquetball every time we play..

    1. Yes, will set some goals. Need time to think about them. Haha, beating you every time is a stretch goal. Oh by the way, I realized that I forgot to put Erin\’s pic after the last edit..by then I was tired, consider it being there in the slideshow in thoughts !