As more and more clever people are submitting applications to the AppStore, the competition to rank well for application searches becomes even more stringent. Application marketplaces are very much like un-sophisticated search engines that only search a select inventory of apps, so much of what we know from SEO can be applied when submitting an app.Essentially, there are 2 things to think about in SEO for the apps store:-Rankings of the app within the AppStore-Rankings of the app within Google AppStore download pages can rank in GoogleThis post will give very specific tips on how to optimize both AppStore rankings and Google rankings of your application.Optimizing the Name and Url of your AppThe name of your application has SEO impacts in both Google and in the AppStore searches. The keywords that you use in the name of your application are grouped with the keywords in the keyword tag. That means, there is no need to repeat keywords that are in the title of the application in the keyword tag that you submit or vice versa. This also means that brevity is not necessarily the best strategy in application naming. If you have a strong brand, you should include that in the name, but then also include basic keywords that describe the app, so that it will rank well for more generic searches, and you will have more characters available in the keyword tag. A good example is the Kindle app, which could just be called ‘Kindle’ but would be better if it were called ‘Kindle: Free Amazon eReader.’Just like in traditional SEO, the url of the application plays a role in what keywords it will rank for. The name of your application will automatically be used as the file name in the url for your application. For that reason, you should be sure not to include special characters, like a trademark or copyright symbol in the name, because it will cause a system error that means the url will simply be an auto-generated with the numeric App ID. Read more here:

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