July’s report shows similar growth patterns, with In July, Android showed particularly strong growth, with its mobile ad impression share by OS increasing by 15 percent in the month, taking 61 percent of the impressions on Millennial’s network. This is the eighth straight month Android has topped iOS.

iOS share actually dropped on Millennial’s network in July, taking 21 percent of mobile ad impressions, down from 26 percent in June. RIM trailed with 14 percent of share in July, down one percentage point from June. Globally, iOS and RIM impressions were relatively flat month-over-month, but Android impressions grew 31 percent month-over-month. Symbian impressions grew 11 percent in July, but Windows Phone 7 impressions grew a whopping 71 percent month-over-month.

Millennial reports that smartphone mobile ad impression share grew 5 percent month-over-month and continued to top the device list with 68 percent of the impressions in July. Connected Devices (i.e. iPads) and Feature Phones were tied with 16 percent of impressions.

via Millennial: Android Tops iOS For The Eighth Month With 61 Percent Of Mobile Ad Impressions In July | TechCrunch.