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It was a long wait and struggle. For a person who was used to be chased by companies, for a person who was comfortable quitting even before having any tangible offers – this was different. For close to two years, the job search was on top of my head.

It does not mean that I did not enjoy my MBA. I enjoyed to my best- social/school life, but just how the heavy rain continues to blur the vision, even after temporary clearing by wipers, job worry occupied the mind at every empty opportunity possible. To use another analogy, it was as if carrying 100 kgs and walking, while also trying to enjoy the beautiful landscapes around me. And add to it the experiences provided by people, sometimes unreasonable. And add to it a deadline.

The external and internal challenges I faced were plenty including the time crunch. And thus when I finally found an offer that perfectly fits my background, experiences and interest – when the worry of job search and weight of 100kgs finally disappeared, all I felt was a relief that can not be explained. When asked if I was happy, excited – I answered yes to sound positive, but other than a relief – other than having to do nothing, a feeling of void, I did not feel anything. I was told that longer the wait, longer the struggle, happier I will be when it finally happens. But, nothing like that. First of all, it look a long time to absorb that I had an offer and knew what I would be doing after 2 weeks. And even then, the end of it all – a closure – meant more than anything else.

This is what I wrote on Facebook/G+:

Looks like it is an end to a long road of struggle. I really want to write something more deeper and meaningful than that. Or may be not. Just like Roberto in the video below, I am at a loss of words. The joy is exactly how I feel. Although feeling of relief overpowers that. More details coming up, stay tuned. Thanks to everyone’s support.

accompanied by this video :
If it wasn’t clear, I thank everyone who supported and guided me directly/indirectly through this job search marathon.

After a few days, after other things were settled – like renting and moving to a house at the beginning of a school season in a town where apartments are booked 8-10 months in advance – and when unpacking threw open resumes, cover letters, business cards and brochures that resulted in a tear at the corner of the eye – it finally dawned upon me that I have been successful in reaching a destination that I had initially set out for. That when the rain and wipers have finally stopped, I am suddenly at the end of the journey – perhaps exactly where I wanted to go despite few detours and delays.

That everything, past and future, might perhaps make sense. 🙂


I am joining AccuWeather as a Product Manager for Mobile Applications. Having participated in a project with the same company before, I already feel that I know many employees in the company. I can not wait to learn from the brilliant individuals I have met. Should be an exciting journey in an exciting and fast changing industry.

PS: I will share mobile industry news in the “Mobile” section of this blog.

Had taken this picture at the end of our project in front of the green screen, in front of which the weather news readers talk about weather (and later weather maps are added to the background) and following are the two mashups from my friend.


Unlike other classmates of mine who had to move to a different place for the job, I will continue to live in Happy Valley – just an opposite direction to the school will take me to my office. Among other benefits, I can continue to hangout with familiar faces and make the best use of the opportunities of university such as attending TedxPSU.

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