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August 16th 2011 in Mobile

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While the whole world (including me) is going gaga over Google-Motoroal deal, this bit of news caught my attention. Btw, where are the cheap laptops/tablets promised by Indian govt ?

Let’s compare the IDEOS to more familiar smartphones so you can fathom the $80 price tag. A cursory search of BestBuy.com reveals the gamut of devices […]

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On Paes
But he should have felt inferior. He didn’t have Tendulkar’s concentrated technique nor Anand’s fertile mind. They were extraordinary players, Leander wasn’t. Average height. Average game, for volley aside, which was akin to a Marvin Hagler jab, his technique arrived from a defective tennis factory.
But he was fast, twitching on court as if an […]

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