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Mobile changing the way people spend

August 8th 2011 in Mobile

From Gigaom

It’s a helpful guide in showing where consumers are currently spending their money in mobile and where it’s headed in the future, said analyst Chetan Sharma, in a new white paper (pdf) called How mobile will change the way we spend. Sharma said Americans overall spend about 15 percent of their income right now on the top of Maslow’s pyramid on self, which includes friendship, esteem, belonging, family and self actualization. Most of the impact of mobile, however, has been on this category but is shifting now to more basic needs, moving down Maslow’s pyramid to things like health care and wellness.

Sharma said mobile’s ability to compress time and distance are now having a bigger impact on mobile health care and will help increasingly with remote monitoring, alerts, data collection and management, wellness and information awareness and early detection.

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