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2 years and a poem

August 5th 2011 in General, Thoughts

Two years ago, I left home this day
On a journey
In eyes holding dreams and tears
In heart having hopes and fears

Far from the comfort of the home
On a journey
That had a definite beginning
But not in sight, an ending

Left behind the friends,
On a journey
To make new ones
laughed many times and cried once

Today I stand again at the start,
On a journey,
leaving behind
memories thousand

Power of blogging is that, anything can pass off as anything. On that note, I have started writing a short story, stay tuned. Anyways, the summary is that, 2 years ago this day I left home in Bangalore to the far shores of United States with confusion, hope and fear. Despite the constant validation of Murphy’s laws, I experienced good times with wonderful people. Satisfaction or disappointment, the two years are behind me now. I stand at another junction in my life, with the return of confusion, fear and hope.

I wish I could say more, I know I can say more.

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