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Carlos Ghosn’s interview in Nissan Leaf

August 3rd 2011 in General, Tech

Carlos Ghosn – the first CEO and Chairman of two Fortune 500 companies (Renault €38.971 billion, Nissan US$ 80.4 billion ), is widely recognized for his historic turnaround and visionary leadership. His recent bet on electric vehicles, by authorizing close to $6B for the development, has also raised eyebrows. In the following ride in the very same car, he shares some of his thoughts. The car is in market since December, requires 7 hours to charge that can run 100 miles.

If you are pressed for the time, I have pulled some notable excerpts from the interview.


20k out of 73 million in 2010 were electric cars, but in 2011, Nissan itself will beat that number

You can not innovate and create something with a consensus in front of you. People think it is a dream and it is normal.

First car was electric, it did not work because battery technology was not sufficient and developed enough. We went and developed something extremely complicated – combustion engine.

Leaf is independent on oil and zero emission. no vibration and sound.

Development of battery is absolute essential ingredient of energy strategy in 21st century. We are just at the beginning of development.

[haha, does he bite nails!]

in japan a car will come and charge your car. there is a solution for everything.

china and india – two major economies of world are net oil importers/dependent.

oil companies do not consider electric as enemy, because as oil prices go higher, it could be a backlash on them.

within 10 years , 10% will be electric. 90% oil users will use more oil than current 100%. win-win.

creativity of states to imagine how they are going to increase income is endless.

electricity for charging car is going to be cheaper as you will charge this during night.

in many countries, electric cars can be parked anywhere – on handicapped etc. that is the incentive.

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