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death of a domain

November 8th 2010 in General, Tech

5 years ago, I bought rkblogs.net for testing purposes, I really wanted myname.something (myname.info in particular) but delayed it. When I became serious, myname.info was already taken. Some other variations either did not appeal me or were taken for dormant sites. I tried contacting few domain owners trying to make a deal (trading email id for domain name for eg ), but did not work out.

Bought this for an awesome deal of $3 for year from Yahoo ! Now it is around $15, furthermore I am not interested in rkblogs.net anymore. I have all expensive options now. I still like to continue to own and maintain this blog, though I hardly update this.

I regret for the various domain name changes I have done – from blogspot to wordpress to negimaki to this to something else.

However, I have no domain name in my mind that I would go after. So once this expires, this blog will probably be accessed at rkblogs.weblogs.sc .Once I really get time (may be after graduation), I will move to another domain.

Till then, thanks for being one of three readers of this blog. :)

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Those Big Brother moves are much more disconcerting than Facebook applications using referrer URLs to better target ads.

via The Real Privacy Scandal On Social Networks: The Feds Are Spying On Their “Friends”.

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