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Thon5k was good thanks to a good weather at the start, however it got quite hot later.

Two uphills (that too at the beginning) almost exhausted me. I took roughly 40 minutes or more, which is quite bad – my only consolation is that I did not walk or stop.

I got to see/take pictures of most other areas in campus to which I probably have never gone – at least not on foot. I think I saw upto 50% new areas in campus πŸ™‚

The cheerleaders certainly helped – I ran fast when I came near them – I am conscious you see. It was confirmed later that many did the same – walked upto the cheer leaders, ran in front of them, walked again.
In addition, I ran another experiment – I started taking videos of cheer leaders – which encouraged them to shout πŸ™‚ [See videos]
Was happy to see a vuvuzela once, which refreshed my summer memories.
Apart from different fun costumes that I got to see, one lady ran with pushing her baby in the cart, whole group sang and ran, a dog ran with the running badge.
They served breakfast, lunch, juice. There was some free swag including tshirt for early registrants. If nothing else, this should motivate people to come out and run !
I took few pictures and videos ..happy πŸ™‚
Finally, wake up call for me – If I do not practice and continue like this, there is no way I can do the midnight-marathon at Blore this year. That would be so sad 😐 winter, could you wait , so that I can run outside ?

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