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Movies in USA

August 15th 2010 in General, Movie talk

Last few months, I have made a certain theater quite richer – by watching several movies – Inception, Despicable me, Salt, The other guys, Dinner for Schmucks, Expendables and Eat Pray & Love.

Not all of them my selection, and my selection worked out good every time.
Compared to advertisements that I used to watch in Chennai, I so very much miss those advertisements. Every alternative advertisement there was about either sarees or jewelery and as one can guess both had the same context – that of marriage. Here it is mostly trailers of other movies, not many other advertisements.
Update: Another thing I miss about watching in cinema halls here add no crowd experience. The shouting, the whistling – imagine if the equivalents of Bruce Willis, Stallone, Arnie appeared in the same scene, the shouts and whistles would have blasted the ceiling off in India – and the off beat loud comments ( wonder what people will be talking during Eat Pray Love !). Oh, I am also reminded of pooja (during a Shivraj Kumar movie), dancing near the screen and throwing money (during a Rajni saar movie) ! Those were the experiences that made it different experience than watching on a screen in own house.
Talking of trailers and promos, during Despicable me, all the other trailers were that of animated 3D movies. For a second, I thought if no normal movies were being released in future ! Next second I realized this is a good targeting strategy.

I appreciated the strategy but I did not see the same happening during other movies – action movies had trailers of horror movies ; comedy movies’ trailers were everywhere – but I think I was spared of horror movies’ trailer during comedy movies.

When I think about it, I am not entirely sure if targeting is a good idea or bad idea. Genre is certainly a differentiating and easily identifiable parameter the movies, but wonder how many people are very specific to genres. I for one, prefer all movies except horror.


Bheja fry was infinitely better than ‘Dinner for..’. The ‘dead rats’ is not funny; and ‘dinner ..’ ends up being not here not there with its humor taste.

‘Eat Pray Love’ seemed never ending. I gained nothing much in philosophical sense from her life and wondered if it was a real life story. I learnt it was, and that book has remained on NY best seller list for 158 weeks ! Not only that, her trip was sponsored as a part of her future book deal – which meant she set out to tell a story for which she was being sponsored ! What confidence in her to-be story by publishers then !

Couple of other movies, and there will be a long break before I watch one :(

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