It was exactly this time last year, I had set out. It was not a hard decision, but not exactly sure what was in store.

There were few disappointments, and there was earthquake, but yes, I have enjoyed all the other time here. I often refer to this as an expensive vacation and I realize that these are some of best years of my life.

Went to Santiago/Chile, visited New Orleans, Washington DC, Myrtle beach, Hershey, Niagara falls, Raleigh, Pittsburg, Rhode Island, Boston. Learned shooting, tried ice skating, conducted case competition, visited Sheetz kitchen & DC, visited Hershey hospital, won elections, did voluntary kitchen work for Association for India Aid (for a day) and also voluntary worked at a community food bank. Celebrated Ganesha festival, Kannada Rajyotsava, Diwali, Thanksgiving (dinner at three places, anyone ?), Maha Shivaratri (by playing cards), Easter, New Year, birthday. Went to stadiums to watch football, baseball, basketball, volleyball. Played racquetball, cards, table tennis and went swimming & running.

Thank you all who have been part of these experiences.

Studied few topics, hated some.

Won friends, made enemies.

That in summary, was my previous year.

And yes, it is Kajol’s birthday today. How can this blog not celebrate and post a picture. Heh !