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HNY 10 :)

December 31st 2009 in General

My dear readers of this blog,
Wish you a very happy new year.

As per my usual practice, I would like to do a post looking back at my year and also looking ahead. In short, I have had a reasonably good year.

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Till recently, I was not able to fully realize that I was finally into a MBA program. I mean, it all seemed so unreal. Just like the size of squirrels. I had never imagined I would see for real the squirrels that big which I saw in “ice age”. Especially, I can not explain the […]

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I strongly feel I should post my thoughts more often. I have said this many times, but ..

Somewhere around August 2008, I started getting busy. Before that I had so much free time and wasn’t doing anything that I didn’t feel like blogging anything. And after that, I have been so busy most of the […]

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