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Is this real ?

September 20th 2009 in Uncategorized

Till recently, I was not able to fully realize that I was finally into a MBA program. I mean, it all seemed so unreal. Just like the size of squirrels. I had never imagined I would see for real the squirrels that big which I saw in “ice age”. Especially, I can not explain the feeling when I first saw the acorn fallen on the roads in the campus. When I saw the squirrel playing with it, it all seemed so unreal.

Is this real ?


There are two submissions due for tomorrow (plus 2 more but they are not significant) , followed by review session for statistics, followed by make up session for accounting. On tuesday there are two tests. On wednesday there is career fair. On thursday there is career fair.(and that could, fingers crossed, quite have an impact on future). And then there will be weekend, a big football game, at least this weekend I hope to watch.

Am I going to survive this week ? Is this real ?


Thinking of how badly my lack of sleep tonight might affect the whole of next week, I want to skip all other 1000 important things to do and go to sleep.

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update. The accounting mid-term turned out easier than I expected but I did badly than I expected. Go figure.

Stats quiz marks were out and I’d made a spelling mistake (in numbers) and I lost marks.

Gave a two minutes speech – total lack of preparation not withstanding – I did ok. The topic was, one important […]

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