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September 19th 2009 in Uncategorized

update. The accounting mid-term turned out easier than I expected but I did badly than I expected. Go figure.

Stats quiz marks were out and I’d made a spelling mistake (in numbers) and I lost marks.

Gave a two minutes speech – total lack of preparation not withstanding – I did ok. The topic was, one important lesson I learned at work that I could not have learned in classroom. I am sure, speech could have gone much better if I was not conscious that 10 pairs of eyes are staring at me critically.


Surprisingly I noted an interesting observation about me – while listening to others, I could easily appreciate the characteristics as strengths – the very same ones as I perceive as my weakness. And I could hardly give them improving suggestions. ( I know what this means…)


2nd years did a “Career Explo” on the lines of career fairs to give us an experience. They shared their internship experience. Despite their busy schedule, it was nice of them to volunteer for such an event and spend their time for our benefit.


Analysis of Sony corporation ( why they failed, why they have not been able to turn around despite their efforts ) was an interesting but exhausting team exercise. Due to the page limit on the report, I feel sad that the quality of the debate and discussions remain wasted.


Lot of interesting observations in classrooms. I clearly see two types of subjects ! One – accounting and statistics – I am learning lot of new concepts and it is fun to understand their applications. Second – the management, teams and communication are the topics that are more participative, not totally new, yet learning formally has its advantages. The learning in management class can be used in conversation in any general gathering (as I soon realized!).


Founder and CEO of a PR firm in Bangalore visited our school. I joined the dinner with her and other interesting people. It was good food plus we talked a lot – about our school, honor code, business ethics, ethics in India, corporate governance. She might be implementing our honor code in premier management school in India. Sitting next to a woman who was just returning after speaking at “Fortune The Most Powerful Women” Summit was an extraordinary feeling.

I not only carefully used management class jargons/lessons/take always to spice up conversation; but also closely observed how a group/team behaves (the body language, the conversation flow, the energy).


I just hopped over PSU career fair. A good warm up to what is coming next – Supply Chain Career fair and National Black MBA career fair. Plus two quizzes next week. Every week is progressively getting more action packed and seems tougher than the previous!


Finally, this gentleman reminds me so much of our dear Dr Dan .. in his passion and in his humor !

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Few hours away from Accounting mid-term and I have numbers bouncing all around me. Fed’s loss didn’t help me allow prepare well too. The “end of era” of greats like Sachin and Fed have happened just too many times to given any great importance, yet there is a remote fear about Fed.

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