Shouting at a wall. Listening to echo. Looking at a mirror.

Why we act everything happens to us is a big deal ..

September 14th 2009 in People, Philosophy

I would like to add my notes to this, but another day another time.

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I am a huge fan of quotes and some of our profs are too. Also let me jot down other witticisms that I came across last few days.

Few days ago, one of the big take aways from management class were
Perception is reality. [It is attributed to various sources but the one mentioned in class was Presential […]

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Few hours away from Accounting mid-term and I have numbers bouncing all around me. Fed’s loss didn’t help me allow prepare well too. The “end of era” of greats like Sachin and Fed have happened just too many times to given any great importance, yet there is a remote fear about Fed.

I just can’t imagine […]

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