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Schema, ISTJ

September 1st 2009 in Uncategorized

Yesterday the main take away of the communication class was that, there should be take away in the speech. Two speeches are coming up and I am confused about the topic I need to choose that could add value to others. I want to talk about “things happen….be prepared”. But …

I am a slow starter…it takes a while for me to get tuned. In that respect it is good that I had orientation. But on other hand, it is still a sudden change of pace in class and too many things on hand to do. My sleeping schedule has gone for a toss – and with that many repercussions.

From accounting class, I realized, even fire calamity is not an “extra ordinary event” but is expected. That is sort of , on the same lines of my intended speech.

Today, organization class was heavy. Probably this subject is sort of abstract .. requires lot of understanding, thinking and imagining .. We had the first test today and it was easier than expected.

The “schema” concept is not new. Generalization has always irritated me. Also, the observer-actor error in performance appraisal conditions is so so normal that I have not heard of a single employee accepting with his boss about a fair appraisal. There has to be a solution to this .. ( was 360 evaluation designed for this reason - not sure )


Winter has surely arrived according to me.


On closing thoughts, in MBTI test, I am ISTJ.

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