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August 30th 2009 in Uncategorized

So there, week-end
has already ended. The weekend flew by, no I blew it. Huh.

Saturday was
maintenance and playing pool. Wanted to just relax after packed week.

Sunday was more
interesting. Along with worrying about spending 20 yrs in jail – if I do not
study Financial accounting well and if I become CEO and if I goof up. Heh !
Yeah, so along with that , I also went out side state college for first time.

A family I met at
the international picnic, a fortnight ago, were courteous enough to invite me
to their home. Don picked up me and few others at around noon. The drive out of
state college, across the ridge to the other valley was wonderful.

We prepared some
food on the open fire. Don and his family love the animals and country culture
and way of living there that Don mentioned several times, and hence they have
settled in the country. They rear goats, chicken, dog, cat etc.

Few other
international students also had joined us. After the elaborate meal, we played
football. It was lot of fun but exhausting at the same time. The kid, who
doesn’t have many friends around, wanted us to stay back and play more. But
assignments were calling ..and I had to return.

Wish I could go
again but I realized there is no public transport to their place, so I will
have to wait till car, license etc.

Anyways, a nice time

There, the end of
first week of class.

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19th hole at Cafe 210 was good..met few 2nd years. Had to rush back to school to attend resume clinic but realized that I should have booked an appointment prior.

It rained heavily and I had ice cream. Creamery ice creams are world famous within Penn State and I have tasted 3 flavors in this week.


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