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19th hole at Cafe 210 was good..met few 2nd years. Had to rush back to school to attend resume clinic but realized that I should have booked an appointment prior.

It rained heavily and I had ice cream. Creamery ice creams are world famous within Penn State and I have tasted 3 flavors in this week.


Football is HUGE here. I am still not able to gauge the impact of it. It is not about 110000 people in one stadium. It is not about the game alone..When in one of the previous posts I mentioned 2 events people are looking forward to – arrival of undergrads, arrival of winter, I forgot to add the looking forward to football season.

The latest thing I have heard about football that left my mouth open for few minutes is, the recruiters schedule and plan their coming to State College around the time of football so that they can watch a game on weekend while on “official visit”.


Desi potluck was good. We had an introductory session, why smeal and interesting thing about you for 1st years, and funny incident at Smeal for 2nd years. Paari gave a stunning introduction by saying he is a devil worshipper that brought around a dead silence in the room and later he unsuccessfully clarified that he is a huge fan of ManU and had their symbol tattoed on his arm and not that of real devil. No one trusted him thereafter anyways. 🙂 Friends from 2nd year had nice stories to tell about the presentations, buffalo wings et al. And the most common reason among them to join MBA or to come to US was to reach their boy friends.

We had tasty food – veg pulavs, pasta, dhal, paav bhaji, chicken masala etc.

We played a game of taboo and it was immense fun. I am a huge fan of Dumb charades but these days have got bored of it as the splitting words is not at all fun. So I should try this game from now on.

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