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I wore business formal and went to mock interview. They had asked us to take it seriously and I did. I guess being from theatre, it is lot easier to assume something and get into it as if it is real. The only thing unreal was, I don’t have an offer at the end of interview ! Heh !


What takes months to grow but minutes to vanish ? Reputation ? Moustache actually, mine gone again.


Yesterday there was a call for volunteers for ModSquad, a team to take inputs from the class and pass on to teachers to create a better learning experience. Considering that it may not attract many, I volunteered immediately. Heard that there are 10 contestants and there will be a polling. I am not that keen to get this post, I am more interested in VP of Communications. I wish if people don’t vote me now, at least vote me later.

And if they do vote me now, great ! I only wish I get enough interactions with teachers.


So, lot of takeaways from the interview. To be frank I have attended so many interviews that my experiences could easily make up a book. Wait, lets make it Volume 1. Volume 2 is being written here live on this blog over next two years. (Talking of which I am not certain I am giong to maintain such good blogging frequency in the next few days or months. Things are getting hectic..any post could be undisclosed last post on the blog !)

I interviewed with a person who formerly hired for IBM for 8 years ! Plus she had a recent internship in IBM. So it was a good experience and we talked a lot. IBM is doing some amazing work.

My only drawback , like the other day at a mock pitch practice, is that I have not done enough research on companies. I do not know if I can make it too, considering the amount of time it would take to research many companies. I havent stil looked up to the companies coming over to the Career Fair.

Other than that , I did pretty well. She gave very useful feedback on where I could improve. One of the things that was a total shocker to me was the use of “evangelism”.She asked me to explain a quite a bit about it. I knew something was wrong then itself, later she explained. I used it in a sense that I marketed our product. She mentioned the word  is associated with religious preaching and conversion in US. Oh my..even if I was wrong, what a sensitive topic to hit upon!


She hit upon the question, was there a situation I had lot of tasks to deal with. Oh my, that is a favorite question..I can package so many things there !


IBM about which I have quite an amount of respect, is doing lot of amazing stuff towards “Smart planet” caption.


Campus is so full of people…I wish I had a camera now !


It has started getting colder..I wore sweater..guys here migh find it funny and are going to comment “Wait till gets worse …” !

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