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a continual process of letting go”

That was a good quote Dr Gioia* quoted in the last class. His class today was awesome again as usual. It does not seem like a class anyways, it is a good “directed debate”, at the end of which there need not necessarily be a conclusion. If it makes us think, as he says, that is the goal of the class. Or rather as he puts it, the remembrance of the principles, is what he wants to achieve.

Today we talked about the new age corporations, the modern business’ concern for the world’s problems, and a case study. With regard to empower or to find a local champion, I am not still convinced that it is THE WAY it will work. I knew it was “the right answer”, but somehow was compelled to argue against it.

Once again I wished I had done better reading for this class. I hope I won’t repeat this statement in this blog again !

Stats class felt like a warm up again.
Yesterday to a question of MBA 2nd year, was trying to find out who my favorite teacher would be and which would be my favorite subject. As I mentioned here yesterday, I am sort of liking all classes. Prof Dan is making a comparatively dry subject sound interesting. He has a good humor too, that is not very evident 🙂 On other hand, Prof Gioia looks very charming and captivates the he mentioned in passing that he does public speaking. Stats prof, Dr G and Comm Profs are all very experienced and it is hard to pick any one !
As I wished few months earlier, if only I could do with less sleeping ! There is so much to study, so much to do..sleep, kind of interferes life.Heh! Today woke up early, I guess this works better than sleeping late.
Weekend, yes, the weekend is almost here. To do list is long, wait a second, mock interview is already lined up for tomorrow. I still haven’t got my resume ready yet.

* Hope I got the spelling right, his name means Joyous in Italian and he mentioned he has recorded 78 official mistakes made by people wrt spelling of his name !

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