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Yesterday , had some healthy arguments with Dr Vishal (hereafter referred to as DrV..I dont like taking names on my blog) ( argument had nothing to do with medicine), about the business practices of Walmart and smaller organizations. I was not well informed, yet I tried to defend on what is right and what is wrong ethically and he argued about the practicalities of it.


I don’t know if I want to write personal stuff on this blog or to just maintain it to school related. Or just school and US related. Or ..


So last monday I went to Salsa..I imagined it would be for an hour, but it extended for two hours..I am not sure if I can continue to do this.

Today I went to AID(association for India Development) Penn State chapter meeting. Later continued with theatre meeting and we did two small improv.


Interestingly there we were expected to enact the conflicts. This blogpost I had started and named before I went to theatre. It is late in night, and tomorrow I have mock interview from 2nd years !! Mock interview , then at 2 interaction with 2nd years at Cafe210, then resume clinic, then desi potluck.

Time to hit the bed..

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