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Teams class

August 26th 2009 in Uncategorized

..was interesting. Wish I had done better reading. There were many takeaways, but for me a happy moment was when this quote was put up:

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, to HBS graduates, 2009:
“Learning is lifelong. It doesn’t end at graduation. It’s your responsibility; you have to do it consistently, all the time. I spend about 50-60% of my time learning. While reading is important, so is talking to other people. You also learn by observing other people and how they operate in very difficult circumstances. I’ve learned both what to do and what not do by watching others.”

I guess I said very close to the very same things in my yesterday’s blogposts. Heh !

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I have always liked to learn. I had enjoyed my engineering courses almost every semester except one of two subjects in each. I had always understood those subjects, which I liked, well. But it is another matter that I never scored very high marks.

Even while on one hand a dilemma of choosing a concentration, on […]

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