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I have always liked to learn. I had enjoyed my engineering courses almost every semester except one of two subjects in each. I had always understood those subjects, which I liked, well. But it is another matter that I never scored very high marks.

Even while on one hand a dilemma of choosing a concentration, on the other hand I am relating to every subject. This may be just the initial enthusiasm ! When it came to accounting or statistics (which has not even started), I felt this is first love back from primary school. Maths continued through out the career, even in engg if not in direct forms in indirect forms.

When it came to communication class, again I felt, this is my love. I have enjoyed writing mails, talking to people, observing people, blogging and learning various languages (as I mentioned in my introduction though I kept forgetting languages, I had at one or other point in my life learned these – Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, English, French, German) and of course because of having attended various communication / soft skills classes / courses – in NIIT, in Bosch, in Schneider, in Spur. Not to forget the ability to co-relate to theatrical experience.

When it came to “Managing people in organization” class, again this is one of the topics of my interest. I have always enjoyed observing people and studying people – how they react to certain actions, how they change, how they are motivated, what makes them happy, what makes them irritated, how they behave in group, what are one’s priorities etc. It is fascinating to study people. This course is going to be my first ever course in my life that may touch upon those aspects officially and formally ! This subject, as one of the senior MBAs told me last year, is easily one of the most important subjects that we will learn in MBA. As is evident, finally , it is all about people. If I can manage people in one function, one industry, I can do it anywhere.

Also this course is going to be interesting is because it is case based studying which I have never been exposed to.

Having seen various kind of people in different organizations and peer groups, having worked in corporate setting which had good order and sensibility of things, as well as having experienced chaotic environment..I was at ease at participation in the class. Not to appear boastful but issues like attrition, corporate behavior, delegation all seem too clear to me and solutions too obvious.

Finally coming to stats, I may be very wrong on this one , but this seems to involve heavy use of software. Anything that has software supplement, I remember I have grasped the subject better. I remember understanding control systems, DSP etc very well only after I start using Matlab.

Attended an interviewing workshop. Again, not to sound boastful, but having attended numerous interviews and also having been on both sides of interview table, I am quite clear about the rules of the game. What is left to be seen is that , will my technical knowledge, will my ability to co-relate the experience to the position I am looking for, match up and whether I will not make the very mistakes which I am quite aware of.

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