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August 25th 2009 in Uncategorized

Every class is almost starting with introductions. I forget to tell all I want and even the description varies in my each introduction. Yesterday, in communication class I wished to highlight the different languages I learned and forgot, but today I didn’t feel it could add value in a statistics class. I probably should have mentioned that I am a huge fan of numbers and software and hence looking forward to the stats class.

One dilema I am continuing to experience is the choice of concentration. I started out with Entrepreneurship and Strategic Leadership. Was interested in management consulting. Later exploring more about SCM as this school is top in that area. In between, thanks to the career leader exploration where I said I liked numbers all the way, thought a little about Finance. Now am exploring Marketing. But many say, if I have to capitalize on my IT experience, I should also look at Product Development or Business Development role.

Already the career fair talks have started, I wish I could figure out things faster and haveĀ a resume ready soon.

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For the last few days, if there were two topics everyone talked was that how drastically different it is going to get when 1.undergrads appear..40k people suddenly appear and jam the traffic, eateries, bus etc.
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I have always liked to learn. I had enjoyed my engineering courses almost every semester except one of two subjects in each. I had always understood those subjects, which I liked, well. But it is another matter that I never scored very high marks.

Even while on one hand a dilemma of choosing a concentration, on […]

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