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Campus, winter etc

August 25th 2009 in General

For the last few days, if there were two topics everyone talked was that how drastically different it is going to get when 1.undergrads appear..40k people suddenly appear and jam the traffic, eateries, bus etc.
2.winter appears. apparently this year, winter hasn’t arrived so far, unusually. I had few sweaty days and these seem to be the hottest days of the year. While I enjoyed the weather and clear skies, everyone disappoints and scares me by talking about winter. So I am now bit scared rather than enthusiastic about the advent of winter and snow.

The first one has happened today and how.

And today was cold compared to all these days.

I had been to two university campuses earlier, and hence the campus hasn’t excited or overwhelmed me to as much an extent it should have.From back home, when I am asked the question, how is the campus I usually answer with an ok. But the campus is actually quite good. It feels so much like a park. As I mentioned before, I can’t still digest the fact that I am going to study here..

There were some team building activities. And again, they were quite awesome. But it wasn’t as overwhelming to me to that an extent that it should have been, perhaps for the reason that I was exposed to them earlier during our team building outings in corporate settings and most recently – in theater. In YT almost every activity we did was immense fun with a learning aspect and team building activity lesson built along with it.

People here hate cloths. I feel over dressed with a full arm shirt and jeans.
Well, it is no surprise to me that people here are comfortable with as much less weight on their bodies, but am looking forward to their ability to continue the same during winter.

Penn State may not be the best university out there, but certainly the most popular(due to the football). With 400000 alumni network, there should be a proud Penn Stater in any which company or in any which distant relative of any body.


When I was looking for schools, this was rated 7th among Supply Chain Management schools in US. Now it is No.1 (well, I don’t bother about the ratings as long as we are 1).

But this is restricted to our department. What is of more significance is that, when I was searching for schools, this university was number 2 party school in US. Now it is No. 1 party school.

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After two weeks of somewhat busy orientation, today was the first day in class. Although the orientation had a pre-term accounting course and given a taste of the class, assignment and even a test to end it, today was still officially the first day in class.

Listening to the experience and diversity of the classmates, […]

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